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Mission Statement


Doi's Vision for Ideal Company -- The pursuit of True Value (Kaizen) --


Doi's Vision for Ideal Company  -- System, Technology and Human --

Ideal companyfs system should aim for concentrated knowledge and actions from many people. It should function as one person who aspires to be the best in the world and the best for the society with good concept and philosophy, knowing that the company is normally managed by many people and organizations. (Of course, a first class person is one that listens to othersf opinion, absorbs good opinions and makes them his own.) This system progresses on its own, is touched and self-reflected.

Doi's Strategy for business growth

Every company is aiming to expand its business. However, conventional business expansion goes through the pattern that overhead cost built up as sales increase. This situation creates lesser added value per person. As a result, company's activities become very inefficient. As everyone knows, this is called "Big Company Disease". Subcontract manufacturing and outsourcing activities will accelerate hollowing of the organization. This cycle leads to deterioration of business.

What I would like to pursue with you together is establishing a new paradigm which is totally different from the conventional business expansion model.
I would like to guide your company to reach the phenomenal success by establishing highly efficient and dynamic business expansion model.

The vision is to establish the company (business) which is highly efficient (slim) and high value added by diminishing overhead cost as business expands. This does not mean only less overhead labor (less number of indirect people). I believe this type of company can be established when we can create new paradigm where people in indirect functions are able to keep taking actions which add value continuously.

There is no doubt that Kaizen activities we (you and I) have carried out up to now are the important pointers in order to reach this target.
My idea of Kaizen activities are the ones to create dynamic organizational environment where everyone can continuously add value in every action and also this value itself will be upgraded systematically.

In order to have successful business expansion, it is extremely important to establish brand-new highly efficient successful business model. There are some fundamental and critical elements to achieve this. Standardization and re-defining job responsibilities are essential. "Human should be engaging in only value added job activities and human should not be spending time what human do not need to do" (computerization is one of the methods)

When we try to make ideal company and grow the business, there are three essential factors that we need keep in mind.


System which can maximize human's capability based on Standardization. Highly efficient integrated management system by sharing information.


Integrated and automated information processing system based on technology standard. Business expansion based on established core technology. Differentiation based on breakthrough technology.


Organization where people are continuously adding value to upgrade system and technology based on good sense of value and believe. Individuals and organization that is always creative and seeking challenges for growth.