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Mission Statement

Doi's Vision

D. Value stated in the formula ; above is also known as eDynamic Valuef.
The Value of the life ; we live is expressed as the energy we have for living it.

1 To Contribute to Society
True World Class Companies are always in a state of improving to deliver superior products, service, employment opportunities, and profitability. True World Class Companies will strive to improve the functionality of products,improve quality and reliability, reduce costs, reduce production and delivery time. Profitable companies will contribute to society through better better work environments, higher wages, charitable works and through tax payments.
 Through contribution, True World Class Companies will increase the trust and respect earned from society.

To Improve Quality of Life for Employees
Employees of True World Class Companies are never satisfied with the status quo and constantly seek to improve their quality of work, which improves the quality of their working life.

In True World Class Companies, the activities of product development,
production engineering, manufacturing engineering, information management, quality control, production control, sales, purchasing, and equipment maintenance are integrated together.
This is made possible by a foundation of trust and respect between the workforce and the management.
In other words, both sides are working towards a common goal.
Only then can a company deliver good products and services to society.
This is the essence of a company in pursuit of True World Class.

 As a result, people no longer consider the long days and years of their lives spent at work as just a method to gain income.
Instead, people realize that work is a valuable part of their life, where trust with others is deepened, and the skills and experience of the individual can be developed.
 When this happens, quality of life improves. People come to work with a purpose,
and they are able to release human energy that knows no boundaries.

Kaizen is the process of making a superior company.
It is based on the flow production system originated by Henry Ford.

When flow is applied to all aspects of a companyfs activities,
and when the velocity of the flow is increased, the value is increased.
Kaizen is the activity that makes this possible.