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Case Study


・ Constitutional, cultural Kaizen

主な出来事 エピソード

2: April 1970: I entered Isuzu Motors.

All of the problems you are pointing out are the results of your own seniors' actions...

3: July 1970: I was assigned to the Tool Section, Engineering Department, Kawasaki Plant
My work assignment: Design and research & development of process tools and process methods for cutting, grinding and other machining processes
------------ Published numerous papers and applied for many patents

I declared that I would not just be working for the benefit of the Engineering Department, but for the benefit of the entire company including the Manufacturing Department and others.

My seniors treated me as if I were crazy.

10: 1973:An example of the irresponsibility of the Isuzu organization, measures to resolve problems in the start-up and measures to improve operational availability rate of the transfer machines for new large V-type diesel engine connecting rod machining- I

The section chief of Manufacturing Engineering at Isuzu said, "If we adopt Doi's proposal and it doesn't go well, then Isuzu must take responsibility. However..."

11: 1974:An example of the irresponsibility at Isuzu organization, measures to resolve problems in the start-up and measures to improve operational availability rate of the transfer machines for new large V-type diesel engine connecting rod machining- U

Since the company had grown dependent on the machine manufacturers, it could not come up with any ideas for improvement. Consequently, they always ended up asking me "Doi-San, can you help us find a way to do something about this situation?"

12: July 1975-85: Tsurumi Manufacturing Plant (Engine Manufacturing Plant in Japan) - Management of in-house total cost and Kaizen promotion

I said, "We don't need managers who don't understand the importance of Kaizen. Get out of this plant." and kicked him out of the plant. The employees saw this and...

22: 1983-85:Implementing Kaizen for Weak Maintenance Department
A new person was assigned to be Maintenance manager. After that we established a small group joint responsibility system.

We brought about a paradigm change, in which there was a transformation from being "merely a repair shop" to being a group with the attitude that "equipment must always be healthy, and our job is to improve equipment so it is even healthier." We called this true TPM...

25: 1980:Don't Deceive The President. The President Visits the Tsurumi Manufacturing Plant (engine manufacturing plant in Japan)

One day, we heard that the president would come and take a tour of the Tsurumi Manufacturing Plant. When the section managers heard about it, they went helter-skelter....

28: 1984-85: Everyday, all the Operators Challenged Kaizen (Development of a Work Environment Where People Feel Their Lives Are Worth Living) - I
IPS (Isuzu Production System) Kaizen Model Line Registration of No. 4 Factory ( 6R Crank Shaft Machining Line)

Among all the manufacturing factories, all the indexes at that factory were at the bottom level. Eventually, I was told to take action...

35: 1988-89: Kaizen Activities in Thailand in Which All Employees Participated;
Isuzu IEMT (Isuzu Engine Manufacturing company in Thailand)Productivity and Production Volume Increased 4-Fold Through Kaizen in Which All Employees Participated

I replied with a smile, "You can fully handle the increasing production in the future with the current headcount in one shift. After a few years, you will look back and laugh at your thoughts, thinking how silly it was to have considered two shifts at that time." A young employee of Mitsubishi Corporation overheard me, and said, "Can you really do such an amazing thing? I can't believe it ...

36: 1990-91: New 4-ton Vehicle Revenue Countermeasure and Engine Parts Machining Lines Kaizen
(The Plant General Director Himself Corrects Fake Indexes and Focuses on Kaizen)

Then the manager of Cost Planning said, "Mr. Doi, it is quite strange. All the Manufacturing Departments reported that they achieved their labor cost budgets, but they are actually in the red."

37: December 1992:Transferred to CR (Cost Reduction) Promotion of Development Div. 1992-94: Kaizen Campaign Spearheaded by Development for the Entire Isuzu Group Including Partner Companies

Through the Kaizen activities that I had done so far, I realized that Kaizen work done only by Manufacturing had its limits, and that it was necessary to carry out company-wide Kaizen at the upstream departments of Product Development and Product Design. Right at that time...