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Case Study


・ True TPM

主な出来事 エピソード

20: 1977-78: Implementing Kaizen for Weakened Maintenance Department.
True TPM- I
When equipment breaks down in a one-piece-flow (one-piece-at-a-time) cell, it is a mortal injury.

When the one-piece-flow cell work started, the weaknesses in Maintenance became evident. Realizing I had to do something about this, I invited the Maintenance staff members who were aware of problems to join the project team...

21: 1980-82: Implementing Kaizen for Weakened Maintenance Department.
True TPM- II
The machine modified by Doi became maintenance model machine.

The Maintenance members thought, "No matter how Doi talks a good line, he doesn't really know anything about machines."Then I...

22: 1983-85:Implementing Kaizen for Weak Maintenance Department
A new person was assigned to be Maintenance manager. After that we established a small group joint responsibility system.

We brought about a paradigm change, in which there was a transformation from being "merely a repair shop" to being a group with the attitude that "equipment must always be healthy, and our job is to improve equipment so it is even healthier." We called this true TPM...

33: 1986-90: We Received a TPM Special Award after Kaizen Training Was Provided to Shatai-kougyou (Isuzu Number One Subsidiary in Japan), the Concept of One-Piece (One-Set) Supply to Assembly line with Water Spider (Material Handler) Was Created, and Simple Automated Mechanism Was Put in Place

Both the Plant General Director and MN (waste elimination )Promotion Office Director told me that they wanted to start with supplying 4 or 5 pieces/sets together, but I wouldn't stray from my insistence on one piece/one set. Why do you want so much to stick to the idea of one piece...