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Case Study


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主な出来事 エピソード

16: 1979-83: Real Time Management and Time Based Management That Do Not Tolerate for Errors

Even if 10 minutes pass and the cell does not start, the responsible section manager dashes to the site, and if 30 minutes pass and the cell does not start, the plant director dashes to the site...

17: 1978-81: We were able to make a presentation at a national conference on advanced use of PCs in business (at the Osaka Teijin Hall) that we were targeting the reduction of administrative work related to information on production to zero and to releasing our staff from the work they had been doing to work on Kaizen in the factory

We gathered all of the staff in the factory and asked them what their true work was, and what kind of work brings out the true value of a human being...

18: 1979-81: Tickle System, Spiral Up

The computer automatically sent a message saying, "The countermeasures last time did not solve the problem. You need to come up with a real solution."

32: 1987-88: Who is blocking the leveled production (Heijunka) of plant for the month-to-month and week-to-week?
Establishment of Just-In-Time Production/Sales

I retrieved data for the past 1.5 years from the computer. What I found was surprisingly.......