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Case Study


・ Development of machining technology

主な出来事 エピソード

4: 1971-75: I spent most of my time in the machine shops getting grease and oil all over my clothes, where I became absorbed in solving problems that troubled the shop floor (Gemba) and in research to test newly developed tools and processes.

My superior Watanabe said, "It takes time to resolve problems in cutting and grinding technology and there is not much theoretical backing to the measures we take. Doi-kun, I want you..."

5: 1972-74: Development of a cutting tool with good chip control functions

The research we did to find ways to break chips finely without heating the cutting edge paved the way for the die press-type chip breaker with a chip control that is now widely used in the world...

6: 1973-75:Making a quick cutting tool change

The operator can change cutting tools in a few seconds (boltless), with a replacement accuracy of less than several microns...

7: 1973-75: Establishing a theory and developing new tools to improve process efficiency and useful life of milling and all types of drilling tools

I searched the theory of reduction in lifetime and reliability of all types of drilling tools when water base cutting coolant is used. We developed and introduced drills, reamers and taps with margins and cutting edge separated at the circumference, presented our paper at the precision machinery society, and obtained patents...

8: 1973-76: Established theories and developed the optimal diamond dressing for grindstones

While maintaining the best conditions for the grindstone cutting edge...