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Case Study


・Company-wide deployment of final assembly leveling system (Heijunka)Establishment of Just-In-Time production/sales

主な出来事 エピソード

27: 1983: The introduction of The Kanban System, Its Plant-Wide Deployment at the Tsurumi Manufacturing Plant (engine manufacturing plant in Japan) - II kanban is a Tool of Kaizen which is based on the final assembly leveling system (Heijunka)

One day, an executive of GM (General Motors) asked to see the Kanban system at Isuzu. As the Tsurumi Manufacturing Plant was the only place where it was truly in operation, ...

30: May 1986:Transfer to the IPS (Isuzu Production System) Promotion Office
1986-87:Company-Wide Deployment of Final Assembly Leveling System (Heijunka)

There is a gap between the actual cycle time and original takt time for each automotive part consumed in the final assembly production. The effort toward minimizing this gap is what I think of as leveling...

31: 1987: Knockdown (exporting by packing the component for shipment and assembling it overseas) Twelve-Unit Packaging to Single-Unit Packaging…Leveling System (Heijunka) II

Even at Final Assembly, there was hardly any time when the same vehicles were made on the same day. I didn't think the same trucks could be sold in the overseas market where the sales volumes were small. I asked a young staff member in Overseas Sales whether it was really necessary to package 12 or 6 of the same units. Then...

32: 1987-88: Who is blocking the leveled production (Heijunka) of plant for the month-to-month and week-to-week?
Establishment of Just-In-Time Production/Sales

I retrieved data for the past 1.5 years from the computer. What I found was surprisingly.......

34: 1986-88: Company-Wide Deployment of Kanban System Based on Leveled Production (Heijunka) That Is Also Beneficial for Suppliers. Leveled Production Issuance and Electronic Kanban Project (Opposed by Shingijutsu (consulting company))

The president and vice president of Shingijutsu said, "No way can we adopt an electronic Kanban system. And also there is no way the issuance of Kanban can be adjusted for leveling. This project is absolutely out of question." And then...