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Mission Statement

  • Doi's Vision for Ideal Company NEW
  • Doi's Poem "Youth"
  • Conducting dynamic consulting in order to develop True World Class Companies.
  • Dynamic companies create perpetual win-win situations for the success measured by the trust and respect earned from society and for the individual success employees.
  • The Creation of Real Value and Meaningful Life
  • KAIZEN Management Philosophy

How to implement

Case Study

  1. Doi's Kaizen activities are expressed in stories as each topic.
    • Company-wide deployment of final assembly leveling system (Heijunka) Establishment of Just-In-Time production/sales
    • Company-wide deployment of subsequent process pull system and Kanban system based on leveled production (Heijunka), that Is also beneficial for suppliers.
    • Improve operational availability rate
    • Single Digit Minute Set-Up
    • True TPM
    • Development of a work environment where people feel their lives are worth living
    • All employee participated Kaizen(shop floor, entire factory and company)
  2. Doi's Kaizen activities are expressed in the cartoons.
  3. News Letter
  4. KAIZEN Photo

KAIZEN Footmarks

What's New

KAIZEN Cartoons

4.Don't trap a person in the cage!

Regard this as house chorescc

 You can see the Power Point slide that we proposed this time at PDF.


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